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Creating an eBook is easier than you think...

"Discover How To Create An
Ebook Simply By Asking"

By following these simple steps you can create an
ebook with little or no experience what so ever!

Creating an eBook has never been easier.

You can create content which little or no effort just by following the instructions below you can quickly and easily be an author even if you know little or nothing about your selected topic.

Step OneDetermine your topic -if you know your topic skip to step two - selecting a topic can be easy generally it will be -something you are Passionate about such as your business or hobby

It may be about an ailment or affliction you have experienced your topic may even be something popular happening in the public spot light.

Remember, you don’t have to be a writer you can be a reporter like Napoleon Hill author of "Think and Grow Rich".

Napoleon Hill created his very popular book simply by interviewing known Professionals and industry experts.

With today’s Recourses You can prepare a simple outline and submit to a ghost writer (someone whom writes for you allowing you to sign your name to-it.

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Step TwoOk, here comes the two magic words you’ve been waiting for just Ask! That’s it simple as that -just ask.

Create an ask campaign using the Ask Database publish, and the contents for your next eBook starts appearing in your account safely stored ready for you to access.

Detailed instructions are just clicks away!

Step 3After you've received all the information you need review your information using the special search tools found in the ask database, either answer these questions yourself or send too your ghost writer.

Once your data is formatted save in your favorite eBook program and start selling your newly created publication.

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